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Oops, I did it again

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May 28th, 2006

12:56 am - Long days
I haven't been feeling so good lately. It's been kinda hurting when I pee. Mom and her friend took me to a new vet yesterday. There were these funny weiner-shaped dogs, one with only three legs, but he got around pretty good. They were having fun driving their mom crazy, whining and barking while we were waiting to see the doctor. There were a couple of other cats, too, I think, but they were in carriers.

After a lot of waiting we finally got to go in this examination room. It was small. Mom put my carrier on the table and let me out, so I took the opportunity to take in the smells of the room. The wall had some really interesting smells on it, and this one spot on the underside of the table, too. More waiting, then this guy Dr. Bob came in and asked Mom some questions. He poked at my belly, and it hurt some and made me cry. Then he started talking weird, something about a "shot," and I backed into the wall. They grabbed me, and Mom and her friend talked to me and skritched me while the doctor stuck a needle in my butt. It wasn't too bad; they took my mind off it while it was going on. At least he didn't try to take my temperature. I would have kicked his butt!

I had to use the litterbox before we left the vet. I thought I could wait until we got home, but I didn't quite make it. I felt stupid, but hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go! I sure had to give myself a good bath when I got home. Mom let me out by the litter box in case I still had to go, and she cleaned the carrier out for me with the hose on the side of the building. She said it wasn't hard to clean up, just a good squirt with the hose.

When we got home Mom gave me a cookie and lots of pettins, and later in the evening she shoved a pill down my throat. I hate that, even though I know it's supposed to make me feel better. The pills taste weird. I guess I'm supposed to take one of these pills twice a day for like a week and a half. If I suck it up and swallow the pill the first time, it goes faster and I get a cookie. Mom said something about a "spoonful of sugar," whatever that means. I like cookies. The litter box still felt uncomfortable earlier today, so I used this pillow in the living room. Mom wasn't too happy, but she knows I wasn't feeling good. It's better this evening, I think. Mom says she wants me to try some different food once I'm done with the bag I'm working on now.

I guess that's all I know. Things are generally pretty good. Good home, good food, air conditioning, and lots of love from my caretakers. Good night, all!
Current Mood: okayokay

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May 14th, 2006

04:14 pm - Birthday!
It's my birthday today, guys! I'm three years old! I guess we don't know exactly when I was born, but the shelter I lived at said I was probably born in May, and Mom chose May 14 because it was her grandma's birthday. Oh, and it's in the middle of the month so she can't be more than two weeks off, so it's as good a day as any. I'm getting extra pettins and lovins today... and extra treats! Yippee!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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December 23rd, 2005

09:02 pm
I'm not updating the Catster diary real often and I have friends here, so I'm going to write here when I have something to say. Thanks to Dayle for inspiring me to stick around!

Everyone welcome the_dayle to my circle of friends! He's awesome and really funny, and our moms and dads are friends, too!
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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September 25th, 2005

04:46 pm - New journal!
Mom keeps logging me out of LJ, so I made a new diary at Catster. It's here.
Current Mood: hungryhungry

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June 18th, 2004

06:56 pm
So, um I sorta forgot I had this journal. I should update it, maybe add it to my Favorites or something. In the meantime, I had a birthday in May. I'm a year old, and I weigh over 10 pounds. Mom's started feeding me the less-active-cat formula of cat food, but it all tastes the same to me.

Mom and Dad put a chair in front of the screen door so I can see out. Today there was a black kitty out there, just lying on the porch like she owned the place. Hmph.
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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March 18th, 2004

12:55 pm - First post
I like food. When Mom opens the refrigerator door, I always run into the kitchen, but I always forget that the fridge door opens into my path, and I run into it.

I was a good kitty and didn't beg last night, and Mom let me lick her plate when she was done with her pizza rolls. It was yummy. It's hard to be well-behaved when you're the equivalent of a kitty teenager. I get shooed away from food a lot. Mom says I'm a compulsive eater.
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous

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